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Trade union committee

Primary labor-union organization PrJSC “Dneprometiz”

realizes representation and protection of labor, socially economic rights and interests of staff of the enterprise which are members of labor union.

In matters of collective interests of employees of a labor-union organization realizes representation and protection of workers interests irrespective of their membership in labor union.

Main activities of Primary labor-union organization PrJSC “Dneprometiz”:

• Protection of labor and socio-economic rights of staff;
• Development of social partnership. Collective agreement;
• Monitoring over compliance with law of labor relations and labor protection;
• Dealing with young specialists;
• Dealing with veterans;
• Arrangement of trade-union study;
• Information activity;
• Organization of leisure time of employees

In 2014 Nina Fyodorovna Golenko is elected the chairman of Primary Labor-Union PrJSC “Dneprometiz”:

"The main target of labor union I see change of operation style of the labor-union organization at the enterprise in order every worker would see specific affairs of our labor union and participate in it. Such changes become possible due to coordination of operation by skilled members of labor-union committee and new ideas of young employees.

I realize great part is assigned to labor union in protection of the social rights of workers. In my work I will be guided by the principle that all actions shall be made with observance of legislation requirements.

I consider solution of the most important issues is possible only in case of partnership of workers and management of the enterprise is a pledge of successful solution of any targets.

At the moment labor-union committee will direct efforts towards clarification of an important role of labor union in life of personnel and involvement of workers in labor union team, as together we are - force.

Now many things change, if earlier the Social Insurance Fund rendered assistance, provided children gifts to New Year, issued health resort vouchers, now unfortunately it remains in the past. Despite difficulties, labor-union committee will do the best efforts that workers continued to be revitalized in specialized health resorts.

I want to tell that doors of labor-union committee are always open for employees of our enterprise. Come with questions and wishes which we will discuss and we will surely find the solution!

In further plans there will be revival of stuff sport life, arrangement of outside mass cultural and other factory events."