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Specification of initial raw materials

Wire diameter, mm Ovality, not more than Tensile strength, N/mm2 (kgs/mm2), not more than Number of bends, not less
5.0±0.07 ±0.04 Low carbon wire 690(70) 8

Steel grade: St1, St2, St3 of all degrees of deoxidization are according to DSTU 2770-94; 1006, 1008 are according to SOU MPP 77.140-236:2008


Wire mesh type Nominal mesh size,mm Wire mesh weight, kg/m2 Quantity m2 per ton
Wire mesh compound corrugated CC
50 х 5.0 50 6.119 163.4

Wire mesh is manufactured in rectangular cards of 2200x1500mm.

Allowable deviations from nominal length and width ± 55mm.

Wire mesh is collected in packages per 20 cards.

Weight of package should not exceed 1500 kg (up to 25 cards).

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