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The mentioned below services are provided by Environment Laboratory (EL)

(Certificate No PN 07-0 / 1123-2014 dd. 17.09.2014):

•  The sanitary-hygienic factors inspection of production environment and labor process (harmful chemicals, dust, noise, vibration, microclimate settings, light, gravity and intensity of the work parameters of the process);

•  Control of harmful chemicals, dust in the air (sanitary protection zone);

•  Control of emissions into the air from stationary emissions sources.

•  Control of dust and gas flow parameters and determining the effectiveness of the dust and gas cleaning equipment;

•  Control of the chemical composition of the technological, treated wastewater, groundwater and storm water;

•  The research of sanitary factors of production environment and labor process in order to certificate the workplaces, according to the decision of Cabinet of Ministers of 01.08.1992 №442 «About fulfillment of workplaces certification according to the working conditions" (Certificate No. 0868 dd. 19.11.2014).


The Metrological Laboratory

The Laboratory, which is certified by the head organization of metrological service - the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Scientific and Technical Center of Metallurgical Industry" Energostal ", will perform the following testing:

•  Determination of the chemical composition of steel by spectrometric and chemical methods.

•  Determination of the mechanical properties (tensile strength, yield strength, constriction, elongation, the number of bends, hardness etc.):
   - steel wire (GOST 3282-74, GOST 2246-70, GOST 6727-80 , GOST 5663-79, GOST 17305-91, GOST 1668-73);
   - quality construction steel according to DSTU 3684-98;
   - bolts and nuts according to GOST 1759.