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The wire is used for the production of welded mesh with nonnormable strenght.

Mechanical properties

Wire diameter,mm Breaking load, N (kgs) Rated weight 1m length m, kg Number of bends Permitted weight deviations, δ100, %
not less than
3.0 3900 (400) 0.052 4   2.0
4.0 7100 (720) 0.092 2.5
5.0 10600 (1085) 0.144 3.0

Steel grade: St1, St2, StЗ of all degrees of deoxidization are according to DSTU 2770-94; 1006 is according to SOU MPP 77.140-236:2008.

DELIVERY: coils up to 1000kg or bars up to 6m, package of weight up to 300kg


Type of shipment Weight, kg Internal diameter of coil, mm Material or combination of materials for packing
Heavy-weight coil 550±50
Min 450 Without additional packing
polypropylene sleeve