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a - not less then 2.8mm; b - not less then 2.3mm; h - not less then 17mm

Corners α, β, γ - not less then 30o.

Main parameters

Components of one-basic barbed wire Wire diameter, a,mm Diameter deviations max, mm Zinc coating, g/m2, not less
Basis 2.8 ±0.10 80
Barb 2.0 -0.12 60

Steel grade: St1, St2 of all degrees of deoxidization are according to DSTU 2770-94; 1006, 1008 are according to SOU MPP 77.140-236:2008

Delivery: coils weight of 35±2kg,  wire length in coil - 400 meters.

At the customer's request the coils of the other weight and length are possible.