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New types of products of PJSC "Dneprometiz"

December 8, 2015

New types of products of PJSC "Dneprometiz"

The production of new type of products was developed by PJSC "Dneprometiz" - the spring wire with the diameter of 1,4 and 2,2mm, corresponding to GOST 9389 (Class 2).

The results of the testing wire with a diameter of 2.2 mm, which were conducted at the company "Weyer IQ" (Dnepropetrovsk) have confirmed the full compliance with the quality requirements of GOST and agreed with the customer additional requirements.

The tests were conducted using the equipment for the manufacture of springs: coiling - C-313, assembling - FIDES AS-3, coiling - FIDES FC-60 and equipment for the spring blocks twisting into rolls Rollpack (manufacturer Spühl AG, Switzerland).

The scope of use of the spring wire in this plant is "The blocks of double-cone furniture springs", which corresponds to DSTU 2653-94.

In review regarding the quality of products on the test results the consumers stated, that "the spring wire of 2.2 mm is suitable for the production on its physical and mechanical properties. After testing of the strength and forming, by the issuing of the material and rowing – no negative comments were noticed ".