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The history of Private Joint Stock Company "Dneprometiz"

plant Dneprometiz

 History of Private Joint-Stock company "Dneprometiz" leaved the roots in XIX century, and begun when in 1890 the Joint-stock company of metal factories of German industrialist Bernard Gantke have organized a metal factory in Yekaterinoslav (nowadays - Dnipro) in Kaidaki village. 550 workers and 20 employees worked at the factory. The gear of the machine-tools equipment was carried out by the steam engines capacity of 350 horsepowers. Illumination was electric.

In 1902 the factory has been redeemed by a German Society of Russian iron industry. By that time the factory output 900 thousand poods (14 400 tons) of nails, bolts and wire per year. In 1909 the same Society acquired Nizhnedneprovsky wagon carriage - building factory of the Franco-Russian joint-stock company, that stopped the activity, and located in semikilometer from east entry of Nizhnedneprovsk station, with a direct adjunction to ways of the Yekaterinoslavsky railway. The equipment of Kaidaksky wire-and-nail factory has been transported and mounted in a platform of the former Nizhnedneprovsky wagon carriage-building factory and since April, 1910 the enterprise, with the name "Wire-and-nails factory" of Society of Russian iron industry has started to output production (wire, nails, bolts, nuts and railway fastener) Therefore it is necessary to consider a birth of Nizhnedneprovsky factory of metal products since April, 1910.

In the first year of the existence the wire-and-nail factory has manufactured 1600 tons of production. The construction of new shop of seamless pipes was began in 1912 and finished in 1913 and the factory began to incorporate two manufactures: hardware and rolling. In 1914 owing to war with Germany, the factory in interests of the state has been sequestrated by the imperial government. During the war, manufacture of military production have been arranged at the factory . In 1914-1915 manufacture of hardware reach 32125 tons. In 1916-1917 – reach 23321 tons. In 1916 the Wire-and-nail and Bolt-and-spike shops have burnt down, and in spite of the fact they have been restored during six months, the factory manufacture (wire, nails, fastener products and pipes) continues to fall sharply: in 1917-1918-1700tons, in 1918-1919 – 720tons, in 1920-1921 – 310tons. After February revolution of 1917 the Temporary government has sold the factory to joint-stock company of South Russian metal plants, but in January, 1918 the factory has been nationalized by the Soviet government.


фото завода Днепрометиз In June, 1921, the factory as the government enterprise, was a part of "Yugostal" trust. In 1922 the factory has received the title as "Factory by name of Karl Libknekht".

In 1939 from structure "Factory of Karl Libknekht" the hardware manufacture was separated and transferred in Glavmetiz system as "Nizhnedneprovsky factory of metal products", that manufactured during this period 129 thousand tons of hardware per year.

In 1941 the factory has been evacuated to Magnitogorsk, and after releasing of Dnepropetrovsk city from fascist aggressors, since December 1943 the factory team has started to its restoration, reconstruction and construction of new shops.

After restoration and reconstruction the following shops were brought into operation: in 1946 – Steelwire shop in 1947 – Nail shop, in 1948 – Fastener shop. Again the shops have been constructed: in 1952 - shop of covering in 1960 - barbed wire shop, in 1961 – shop of powder wire and ceramic fluxes, in 1962 - consumer goods shop, in 1968 – Steelwire shop No.2, in 1975 - electrode shop.

In 1975 on the basis of Nizhnedneprovsky factory of hardware and factory of "Red Profintern" Dnepropetrovsk Hardware Plant has been created and renamed in 1980 to Dnepropetrovsk Hardware Production Association. During this period the enterprise united in the structure of 27 shops with number of workers more than 6 thousand persons. For years of the existence of association, the output volume of hardware has increased in 5 times.


On March, 31st, 1994 the government enterprise "Dnepropetrovsk Hardware Production Association" by the Order No.89 of Ministries of the industry of Ukraine has been reformed to Open Joint-Stock company and its founder was Ministry of Industry of Ukraine. On June, 30th, 1995 the certificate of registration of open joint-stock company "Dnepropetrovsk production association of metal products" (PrJSC "Dneprometiz") is granted without share holding belong to the government .

For the next years, reconstruction of metal coverings shop was accomplished in the Plant: new High-capacity Galvanized Wire Unit mounted, the section of barbed wire reconstructed with installation of the import equipment, manufacture of steel fiber was mastered.