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The certificate of conformity ЕН 13479:2917 for steel welding wire

The steel fiber 80/60(1500)

The steel fiber 80/60(1200)

The steel fiber 90/60(1500)

The steel fiber 90/60(1150)

The steel fiber 80502(1500)

The steel fiber 80/50(1200)

The steel fiber 60/32(1550)

The steel fiber 60/32(1300)

The steel fiber 1/60(1500)

The steel fiber 1/50(1500)

The steel fiber 1/60(1150)

The steel fiber 75/50(1200)

The report of a chemical composition for the wires №33/01

The report of a chemical composition for the wires №08/02

The report of a chemical composition for the wires №07/02

The steel fiber 75/52(1500)

The steel fiber 1/50(1150)

The certificate of conformity for welding wire GOST 2246-70

Certificate for QMS in the international system DEKRA

Certificate for QMS in the national system

In PrJSC Dneprometiz  the quality management system (QMS)  is implemented which conforms to requirements of standards : national DSTU ISO 9001:2015 and international ISO 9001:2015 QMS is certified in national system and in the international DEKRA system by Certification authority JSC “GLOBAL-CERTIFIC”.  Certificates validity of QMS is confirmed by annual supervising audits.

On December 1999, Quality assurance system was certified firstly in the company in compliance with requirements of international EN ISO 9002:1994 standard and the national DSTU ISO 9002-95 standard.

Product Certificates

For the purpose of maximum satisfaction of requirements and demands of our customers,  the company certified in 2009 and 2010 two types of the steel fiber produced in according to requirements of EN 14889-1:2006 and Directive of Council 89/106/EEC for  construction materials.

The Company obtained EU certificates of conformity and the right of production marking specified in these certificates by a sign CЄ is granted.  Compulsory condition of the license contract is annual confirmation of certificates issued with an assessment of the monitoring system of fiber production by experts of the Lithuanian center in certification of construction production (SPSC).  Validity of the EU certificates is confirmed on May, 2015.

On customers request the company obtained verification reports of a chemical composition for the wires of various application produced by the factory,   which analysis results meet requirements of the directive of the European Union  RoHS 2011/65/EU that  restricts using of six dangerous substances. This directive is only one of documents permanently the growing quantity of instructions and rules on ecologically acceptable technologies.


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