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Latest news

Work for prospect

Work for prospect

PrJSC “Dneprometiz” joined “EXAM- Dnepr”

Ladies employees

Ladies employees

On the eve of March 8th a competition “Lady — Perfection” was held for ladies employees of the company

Training on sales

Training on sales

On March 2 the third training for the staff of sales department at the company has passed

Our news

Commissioning of a new drawing equipment of thin drawing

In PrJSC “Dneprometiz” start-up and commissioning works for commercial operation of a new high-speed drawing equipment of dry drawing

Free handing-out of multivitamins

Free handing-out of multivitamins

For the first time in PrJSC “Dneprometiz” the company management make the decision on free handing-out of multivitamins to each employee, for prophylaxis of infectious diseases

Private Joint Stock Company «Dneprometiz» is an enterprise of «Severstal-metiz» group of companies and a leading manufacturer in Ukraine for production of steel wire, nails, fasteners, nettings, fiber and hard-wrought armature rent of В500С. The products are widely used in mechanical engineering, construction, agriculture, repair, service industries and other areas of activity. PrJSC «Dneprometiz» became a part of «Severstal-metiz» (Russia) in February, 2006. «Severstal-metiz» group of companies is an international company manufacturing steel wire and wire products, with production facilities in Russia, Ukraine and Italy. As a part of group "Severstal-metiz", the “Dneprometiz” plant specializes in manufacture of low-carbon products. The deliveries are carried out to the market of Ukraine as well as to Europe and the CIS countries.

Manufacture and Sale of Hardware

Production of own manufacture:

steel wire
fasteners: bolts, nuts, rivets
netting: stranded, ribbed
• hard-wrought armature rent of В500С

 We provide individual approach to every customer, complete set and delivery of consolidated orders, minimum shipment terms with delivery possibility. The wide range is available in our warehouse.

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